Linkin Park


Project Revolution 6

Linkin Park hráli  23.07.2008 svou šestou show :Project Revolution, v NJ, PNC Bank Arts Center

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1. No More Sorrow
2. Lying From You
3. Somewhere I Belong
4. Wake
5. Given Up
6. Papercut
7. Points of Authority w/Petrified intro and There They Go outro
8. In Pieces
9. Numb
10. Pushing Me Away (HT verse)
11. Breaking the Habit
12. Shadow of the Day
13. Crawling (Hands Held High verse)- Chris Cornell v 2.versi
14. Leave Out All the Rest
15. In the End
16. Faint
17. One Step Closer
18. What I've Done
19. We Made It
20. Bleed It Out (Steel Drum Corps)


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